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japanese vocabulary
(mostly in order that it appears in story)

konbanwa = good night/good evening

daijoubu = it's ok/it's alright/i'm ok/that's fine

sou deska = really

demo = but

ii no ka = is it ok

iya = well (?) / wow (?)/ no

doki doki = yr heart beats fast when something romantic occurs

hai = yes/ok/i understand, etc....

gomen = sorry

ya = no

sugeh = cool or great/very

suki des = i like it

deshou = isn't it/right?

eh = what?! or huh?! or yes.

matta = again

warii = sorry

eto = umm...

jan = ta da!

kitto = surely

iie = no

wakkateru yo = i know

yokatta = i'm glad/ i'm happy for u/ thank goodness

hounto ni = really/very

ureshii des = i'm (very) happy


hounto ni = really or very

zettai = absolutely/absolute

ikeru yo = u can do it!

gambarre = good luck/word hard/etc.

sou sou = yes yes/mm mm/that's right

ore mo = me too

masaka = no way/it can't be

itadakimas = something japanese ppl say be4 they eat...literally "i receive", it's a

way of thanking the the animal/plant for giving up its life so that u can have

something to eat...i think it all started as part of the shinto religion, but now

pretty much every1 says it be4 eating, kinda like "bon appetit".

oishii = delicious/yummy!

deshou = right?/isn't it?

ano = umm...

matte = wait

kudasai = please

souka = i see

iyo = ok/alright

doumo = thanks

ii ne = it's good/it's nice

gambarimas = i'll work hard/i'll try my best

da-te sa = that's what he/she said

sou des = that's right

seite = horrible (as in, "he's a horrible person")

ryuusadenai = unforgivable

demo / kedo = but

chotto = a little bit

daiskii = i love it (i love u)/i really really like it a lot (i really really like u

a lot)

hounto da = it's true!/ really!

yada= no way/ no

nande = why

sou de na = that's right

sonna jun nayo = it's not what u think/that's not it

doushitte = why

mou = something like "aiya" or oh no (i think) (also could mean: already)


ryuusei = shut up/ be quiet/ u're too loud!

demo sa = but

mou = also

naze = why

wakkatta = i know/ i understand

sumimasen = sorry/ excuse me

sou sou = yes yes / right right

yappari/yappa = as expected/ of course it is/ probably

doushitta = what is it/ what's wrong

nandemonai = nothing/ it's nothing

sou desu = that's right/ yes

maji des = really? / can it be true??

kanzani = completely

ii ne= that's good/pretty/nice

omedetou = congratulations

ma = well/ yes

yamerou = stop it

oi = hey

sugeh tanoshi des = it was very fun!

urssh, yaro = come on, let's do it!/let's go!

mo ii = forget it/nevermind


kire = pretty
[sorry, i am not good at writing out japanese words,
i know i am quite inconsistent in the spelling and stuff...
but if it helps, most of the 'e' that comes at the end of a word sounds like "hAY"
and most of the "i" sounds like "kEEp".]

douzo = here you go/ here it is/ go ahead

yappa/yappari = as expected/ of course it is/ probably

hon = book

atashi mou = me too (feminine version)

onsen = hot spring/ public bath

nai= no / nothing

kakkoii= cool/cute

chotto = wait

nanideshthindayo = what are u doing

gomenasai = sorry (formal version)

yappe = this is bad / oh no!

demo sa = but

============= every1 already knows what it means, but it helps to read the definitions. it really emphasizes how u were feeling ne....


bliss (bls)
1. Extreme happiness; ecstasy.
2. The ecstasy of salvation; spiritual joy.


bliss [blɪs]
1. perfect happiness; serene joy


ec·sta·sy (kst-s)
n. pl. ec·sta·sies
1. Intense joy or delight.
2. A state of emotion so intense that one is carried beyond rational thought and self-control: an ecstasy of rage.
3. The trance, frenzy, or rapture associated with mystic or prophetic exaltation.
4. Slang MDMA.

nande arimasen = it's nothing

kouhai/kohai = a younger person in the same organization as you...a junior, a protege... (for more info of the Senpai and kōhai relationship:

iteh = ouch/ it hurts!

bezuni = it's nothing/ nothing

doumo = thanks / hi

nanka = somehow

ikuzo =let's go


[forgot this from earlier, sorry!]

baka = idiot / stupid

kampai = cheers

merikuri = short for merri kurisumasu (merry xmas, the way japanese ppl say it)


some more words i forgot! SUMIMASEN!!

chigao = it's not true

shimpai sonna = don't worry

kakkoii = cool (i think it can mean cute = hot, too?)


kowai = scary/ i'm scared

omae = you (casual)

anata = you (formal)

uso = no way / it's not true

(o)maenotoko ga...skida. (suki da) = i love you/ i like you

skida yo = i love you/ i like you [actually, it's suki da yo]

suki = i like / i love you

daiski yo zutto (dai suki) = i've always liked you a lot/ i've always loved you/

i'll keep loving you always...

dateh = so / then / therefore

onegaishimas = please

doushitte = why

wakaranai = i don't understand/ i don't know


jitsuwa = actually

doki deshimas = my heart fluttered / my heart beat faster/ went doki doki

taaku = seriously! /really?? /why'd u do that/

_____ tamani = for ________ (for that person, i will...)

zettai karashi = absolute/perfect boyfriend

doshio = what should i do?? /what do i do now?

yume janai = it's not a dream

zutto = always

ii dateh = it's fine/ it's alright

san, ni, ich = 3, 2, 1

hai, zanay~ = too bad

natskashi = nostalgic

kochi koi = come here~♥

toma wa = and toma... / what about you...?

yabun = it's late

okurimas = i'll take you home/i'll take you to where you're going

wakarimashita = i understand / i got it

gambatte ikemas = i'll try to go

aishiteru =
'I love you' in the most devoting way. the most serious way to say i
love you... rarely said, and even when it is, only on special occasions, between husband and wife or ppl in really serious relationships!! [credit:] [for more info, check out the links i posted below, in the explanation/links post!]

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