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explanations/crediting/etc. + Making Of the Fanfic... + PICS/info LINKS

________________________ credits/explanations/etc.

btw, the title of the story...inspired by a seinfeld episode, where george asks a waitress to "go for a walk or something" with him. he says it counts as a date, cuz of the OR SOMETHING part. lol.

oh, i've noticed toma has a particular gesture...he sometimes scratches behind his ear (usually his left), when he's nervous or thinking about something...i talked about it and posted some pics of toma doing that here:

(0) toma likes to see girls wearing scarves and other soft things...the all cozy, wrapped up look.

(1) you are everything, by the stylistics.

(2) toma likes a girl that picks up trash/cleans up things without being asked...that kind of feminine girl. especially cuz he (without meaning to) often leaves his trash around. lol.

(2.5) toma says he would say sorry to his girlfriend if he's late instead of making up excuses of why it's not his fault... xD

(3) it's true...some fan sightings, toma's got no "disguise" on. they see toma dressed fashionably, without a hat or glasses, and no one tries talking to him...probably cuz he's too handsome, so fans r usually too scared to go talk to him or anything. haha.

(4) there was a johnny's jr from last yr, i forgot his name, but i think his last name was ryosuke?? he really likes toma and wrote a message to toma, saying if he had "a cousin or something" like toma, he would be very proud. toma was joking about why didn't he say a brother, when he says "a cousin or something", it makes it seem like toma is not really an important person to him. lol. [if u are not asian, that's fine too. in this case, just imagine toma is making a joke, like...no1 would believe it if he said that. haha.]

(5) i chose this place cuz my LONELY PLANET's Tokyo Encounter book recommended it. and it's got a website in eng., too, w/pics and everything. ^_^ it even said that it's a 5 min. walk f/the HACHIKO exit. so it's PERFECT 4 my story!! and it is a beautiful restaurant/bar, too. :D

(6) some1 said he smells ama~zingly good when he/she saw him during the ningen filming, i think. haha.

(7) toma said that there was a female staff member on a filming set that, when he asked her something, responded with a sweet "mmn?" sound. he was surprised, and it made him go doki doki!! he wouldn't say who she was or anything else about her, though.

(8) there was an interview, a long time ago, that toma said if he was a girl, he'd like yamashita. or he'd fall for him/want him to be his boyfriend...something like that. and tomapi fans mostly see yamashita as the "husband" and toma as the "wife". i guess cuz yamashita is often the more quiet/serious one, and toma is the more emotional/girly, and pretty one of the 2 of them!! lol.

(9) "what a popular person i am." lol. toma actually said this in tomagoto a long while back...maybe 2006? cuz that day he got a lot of phone calls f/his friends i think...

(10) toma has said, he has a weakness for light body touches. anywhere he's lightly touched by a girl...but mostly on his shoulders/arms. ~_~

(10.5) had to cut out this part cuz just read a new interview, seems like toma's grandparents no longer live in hokkaido, and even his grandma rarely comes back there cuz it's too cold! lol.

"and maybe he's taking me there to visit his grandparents, to introduce me to them cuz i'm his girlfriend!! xD and i wanna see his grandma's pet monkey!!"

(11) ok, i know there's no steam here in the pic, but i swear, i've seen a travel show about tohoku, and these girls were in this outdoors onsen and it was snowing right outside, and it was still a little steamy around them...oh, right, that's cuz they were in this huge wooden tub, kinda and had this small wooden wall around them. but u could still see the view of the snow maybe more like this, but lots bigger, and without that pesky window blocking the view of the snow....or maybe just a lower window/lower wooden wall:

in my first draft, i stopped at the almost kiss (and i pretty much stopped at crucial moments like this in my 1st fanfiction as well, right?)...but then i thought, WHY NOT?! xD who's gonna stop me?? and when will i ever have a chance like this again?? doesn't it drive u crazy, when u're dreaming of dating some1 u have a crush on (like toma), and u wake up right be4 u kiss?! so i just went ahead and continued the fantasy a little longer...and i felt like i needed a cold shower after that. lol. really... ah...i can't believe i really wrote it!! but really, that's my ero limit, when writing about toma and me/you (not like i write about anybody else or anything). haha. if i go beyond that, i think my head will explode. xD OH, AND I PURPOSELY DID NOT SAY... whether we/you 2 have on towels or not. :P usually, the case is not, but then, it's your story too, it's totally up to you. 4 me, i would really need us to be in towels, though. haha. that's just me...even in a steamy fantasy like that, i'd be too self-conscious to not wear anything, even if it's just the 2 of us in the water!!

(12) thanks to En for translating the Dengonban msgs this month (and each month as well!!) u can read the translation of jan. 2010's messages here:

(13) toma has said many times, he wants to go on a trip to England, cuz it's the
birthplace of plays. ~_~ and that's london, where plays started, i believe. at
least, that's where shakespeare lived.

[i actually have recently used this method to wear a ring that is kinda loose!! ^_^
and i imagine that it's toru's ring. heehee~]

____________________ the Making Of the fanfic / KATE'S WRITING PROCESS.... (started this section: jan. 2, 2010)

[jan.17,2010 edit:

sorry, i know this is not what you're waiting for, but it's all i have to post up for now. haha... these are pics of the little notebook that i've written my story in. i filled up MOST of it, can u believe it?!! and now, i've moved on to writing on the blue paper, the edits, the parts to add in to the story...and i've got little notes all over the place to remember to add certain moments/gestures/etc. into the story... lol. really, i'm really gambaring to finish it SOON!! please look forward to it....meanwhile, maybe u can guess who toma likes some more!! (though after seeing toma & yamashita together at the johnny's countdown, i think it's hard to imagine him being w/anyone other than yamashita neeeeeeee. *-*)

(that's THE book!! kate no monogatari~ and some pens i'm using. and sometimes i chew ACUO gum to feel a little more inspired and "closer" to toma while writing. lol. i just folded/cut some of the gum wrappers into hearts. ~_~ u know, after i finished my story, on dec.22/23, i was so desperately afraid that anything might happen to this notebook be4 i could finish typing it up and sharing the story with everyone....i take it everywhere i go, i really take good care of it na!!! ^-^ well, u know how some ppl say something really important to them, that they made is like...their baby. i guess this is my baby, then. lol. oh, my 2nd baby, then!! lol. but i love this 2nd one more than the first, really....)

(*spoiler* ...don't click to view the full version, there's a slight spoiler!!!)
2 pages f/the book. except now, it looks a lot more messy, cuz when i edit the story on the computer, i add those edits to my book by hand, too. it's getting kinda hard to read some pages...haha. but i have a system... the notes/ideas are at the start of the book. the middle is the actual story. the back of the book is for edits, stuff i added to the story later. hai, i'm super organized!! haha.)

(this was taken recently...was it yesterday...yes. on jan.1. the blue pages will contain a lot of parts from the ending!!! ah, wouldn't u want to read it right now.... xD)

T H E M A K I N G OF .....
MY SECOND WINTER (fantasy) ENCOUNTER WITH TOMA: let's go have dinner or something~

ah, i wonder if anyone will actually read this.(laughs)
oh well, it's not like i'm not used to talking to myself or anything. xD

before i forget....!
[this is the first time i really imagined toma and i together (back in nov.2007, wow, seems like a million yrs ago...), and we were breaking up!! lol. and all the reasons why we could not be a couple....but now i've changed my mind of course. NO MATTER WHAT, WE CAN MAKE IT WORK, IF WE REALLY LOVE EACH OTHER!!! HAI... *in denial* xD]

-first off, here's another time where i promise something won't be long, but it ends up being SUPER LONG anyway!!! lol. but in this case, it's a good thing neeeee. ~_~

-like my 1st fanfic, or any fanfic, i guess...i'd like to think of it as a gift that keeps on giving....cuz anytime you want, u can come back and reread it and go doki doki all over again!! you're welcome!!! ~_~



10. lying next to him in the library....!!♥

toma blows in my/your ear... *melts*

8. the scarf entanglement/the almost kiss!!

7. that intense kiss on the 52nd floor!!!

toma tugs at the think twice shirt~! /puts yr scarf and hoodie back on you

the onsen fantasy!!!

toma leans on my/your shoulder in the train

3. when toma said this!!♥: "and at that moment, i matter what happens, i...i want to be that someone that you could depend on...i want to protect you, take care of you, be beside you...zutto~"

2. the nakatsu/mizuki-like kiss in the library.♥

1. the hug in the dark, in the library.♥

but i really love love these moments too!!

-seeing toma's underwear showing a little...!
-toma puts the ring on for me/you.
-my/your confession to toma & *clings to him*
-holding on to his arm, us sleeping together on the train.....

-remember, how i/you were wondering what toma was doing right then, at the end of the 1st fanfic? well, here's your answer. *__* and i like how i go from that "scene", directly to 1 year later. sugoi~

-the weather, the moon being a thin crescent's all true for the day that this story takes place!! except the weather in tokyo got a little less cold on the actual day of dec.22,2009...but by now, it's gotten cold, just like i described in this story again...a high of around 50 degrees (F) and lows around's cold!! keep warm, toma...

-ano....i knew from the start that i wanted us/you 2 to end up together....but i didn't want to make it obvious...what would be the fun in that??? so i thought for a long to trick you into thinking he already likes someone else...haha..... i thought of this elaborate idea...that somehow, i/you misunderstood something and thought that toma already confessed to yamashita....but then it was a too complicated thing, and so i didn't go with it....instead, i just thought he'll just make something up, so i/u wouldn't know. and of course, the perfect person, the only person that you'd really believe that toma likes is....yamashita!!! so...even if there are romantic moments between you too, you'd still think...ah, but he's already got yamashita, so it can be nothing more than those sweet moments.........but of course, later on, you'll find out...ah!! he actually likes me!! ~_~ but it's hard to not make it obvious that toma does seem to like you......still...i think some of you were surprised, right??? about his confession.... i hope so. =)

-ah...that bag....both our's important to the story, actually...right? i've got my winkup magazine and his xmas present in there...and other things....of course, in the end, our bags were really cover our hands when we were touching on the train, so no one else could see.....ahhh...

-sometimes, i'd think of something, and it would get me...excited.xD but then a while later, i'd come back to my senses, and think....baka! u can't write out of respect for toma and because i can't cross certain limits (even in a fantasy), i tried to keep things from getting too racy, you know....i didn't want to write anything too ero!! i'll just give u an example. like for that intense kiss....i actually was gonna say that afterwards, we were both out of breath! but then i decided no, that's too much. haha.

-his voice!!! during those important, loving/romantic moments in his dramas....listening to them again also inspires me when writing...ah, he has such a sweet, warmn, tender voice....and listening to him...these phrases really touched me once again....that's why, some of the things toma said in the story, is similar to what he said during these times in his dramas...sorry, i borrowed from them a little bit...

nakatsu's hug, confession!!!!
depend on me...i love you...i'll never make you cry...

takemoto's monologue at the end of honey&clover~
i'm glad that i met you...[forgot most of what he said...but listening to him speak in a quiet, serious voice....ahhh....]

toru & kaori's talk & hug in ep.7 (at the pier)~
i didn't betray you...i'm sorry...but i'm so glad you're ok...daijoubu de kara (dakara?)...

toru & kaori at the start of ep.8 (at home)~
i'll always be by your side...i'll take you home...

-i was rewatching maou while i watched the story, you see...(well, been watching since october, though). it was kinda weird and tough to see toma suffering so much in this drama, and try to forget about that when writing my story.... but i got some useful japanese words f maou.....especially the "ii no ka" and "shitthindarou". i dunno...something about these 2 phrases that i like so much.....

-i already wanted to feature hachiko in my story in my first fanfic, but didn't get a chance to. i'm glad i can start the story with hachiko-kun this time!! ^^

-notice how out of the 2 of you...toma touches you first (arm around you), and also lastly (touches your hand), in the story!! ahh...and he touches u a lot through out the story, right??? who touched each other more....yappa, me/you, of course!! and YOU KNOW each time you lightly touch him (or go "mmn?"), toma's going doki doki neeeeeeeeee.

-the sneezing....i was thinking of making me/you sick later on...and toma could like...take care of you or something....but then i would really suck to be sick at this important time, your first date with toma, so it didn't happen. but the sneezes are important after kept me/you from kissing him later on!!! ahh...but there was gonna be kissing anyway, later on!! no worries that this kiss didn't happen!! haha.

-but actually....that intense kiss later....almost didn't happen....cuz i thought toma already kissed me/you in the library...that's like THE PERFECT KISS. i don't wanna follow that with another one (also have trouble finding the right place that we could kiss without any1 seeing us)....but then....when paige said maybe there could be another kiss.....then i thought...i really should put another kiss in there!! there's gotta be a more passionate kiss, where you actually initiate it and not toma, right?? haha...and so, the 2nd kiss happened. kyaa!!! and cuz his 2nd majosai kiss was so sweet, i put that in there too (that was also so i could stick in the "i love you. / i love you more!" part!! ah....) ....not that there has to be a reason to put a kiss toma again, but i thought i'd be nice to show that toma is still the better kisser, he's much better and so much more gentle, tender...than me/you....just grabbing him like that. lol. of course, i'm sure he'll kiss you more passionately too, but that's later on....not so soon, now.....

-of course, have to spend some time talking about his movies, especially ningen!!! ah, i wish i could really buy that ningen book w/him on the cover, and buy an advanced ticket too!!

-notice that toma says we'll have more chances to take pics soon...haha. after he's confessed that is, we'll take lots of pics together, as a couple!!! ah...again, we are not able to go to the mall...i originally thought i'd meet him at a mall in my 1st fanfic....somehow, we always never make it to the mall....haha. ii dateh. i don't like malls anyhow.

-thank you, tiger woods, for that segue. haha....but he really is such a nasty, lying scumbag!!! arrghh!!

-when he says toru would never do anything to betray's like he's really saying to you...i'll never betray you. ~_~

-i wanted to somehow put the lyrics of this song into the story, but didn't get a chance to.....though it seems kinda like he was a stalker or something, so that's why she left him, but i think it also sounds really sweet, like, for a couple that live far apart?? lol. u know what i mean....

blurry (by puddle of mudd)

preoccupied without you, i cannot live at all...
you can be my someone, you can be my scene
you know that i'll protect you from all of the obscene
i wonder what you're doing, i wonder where you are
oceans in between us, but that's not very far.

-bakaaaaaaaaa, for a while, i really started to think he was my a way. haha....(still waiting for a dream where i see us together like in my story!!! argggh!!! nande??? xD) umm.....hai....^^; well, of course, being his fan, i've always gotten jealous when he's got intimate scenes with actresses in his dramas/plays/etc.....but seeing that pic of him passionately kissing some lady in ningen!!!! @_@ oh, i got so jealous/mad at him!!!! lol. just for a short while, be4 i came back to my senses and remember i am being silly!!

-ah, i did borrow so many ideas from hana kimi and also from majosai, a little....gomen ne!! but i did change it up a little...

-i'm not being sexist or anything...i just figure that toma would probably run faster than you cuz he certainly does a lot of running in his dramas, and he really does look like a fast runner (just like nakatsu!^^)!! (actually, in the middle of writing the ending for this story, i read book 5 of the hana kimi manga....i realized anew, i love nakatsu so much neeeee....and sano is a really cool and sweet guy in the manga....i will try to buy some more hana kimi manga, i think....)

-sorry for using the (laughs) too much in this fanfic!!! i realize that i used it too much, but's quite a useful!! (laughs)

-since after the race, toma has pretty much decided HE WILL tell u he likes i tried to make it show....right the train, he leans on your shoulder, then looks at you intently....he is more loving and sweet now, cuz he's pretty sure he'll tell you soon....ahhhhh. but his cellphone wallpaper!! yamashita, again!! i still make you remember, HE ALREADY LIKES YAMASHITA...trying to trick u into thinking...ah, he's sweet, but he doesn't really like me like THAT....

just fyi, about the song actually refers to the secret of jay's girlfriend in his movie w/the same title...and she left him for a long while cuz she misunderstood that he cheated on her....and her secret is that she is from the past (1970s?), when she played a certain song on the piano, she was able to travel in time to his time, to the present...and so that's her secret song...

but in this case, of course, it could mean both my secret~ that i like him, and it could also mean his secret~ that he likes me....^_^ anyway,i love this song so much!! the piano is so lovely....though it's a sad song...but both this time and last time, my "themesongs" for my stories have been sad love songs. haha....maybe next time, i can actually pick a happy one....

ALSO, what a coincidence, in the MV of the the start...he's saying into his phone, it's december 25!! also takes place in the winter, so close to dec.22... and i like how the song starts out quite calmly and beautifully....but later, it's full of angst and's quite an emotional, poignant, touching song!!! also, he mentions how the most beautiful memories are of them standing together avoid getting wet in the rain...

-i wanted us to do something together on the train....i thought of us listening to songs together on an mp3 player, but that's already so cliche and boring...since u have to be quiet on the train, most ppl i thought...HOW COOL WOULD IT BE TO LOOK THRU A WINKUP WITH TOMA??? AHH...TOMA LOOKING AT HIS OWN PICS AND HIS OTHER JE BUDDIES' PICS...HEEHEE.... and I CAN FIT IN A BUNCH OF SWEET FANTASIES, THIS WAY!!! really, i'm so glad this issue had lots of yamashita in it, and also the shirtless arashi guys!!! lol. or else, i'd have trouble justifying the onsen fantasy. lol.

-notice how everytime toma touches me (or i touch him) it's very gently, or lightly!! lol...ah, but it feels sweeter that way ne. and we both have a weakness for soft touches...

-the flickering lights!! a sign....a clue... of the blackout later!! ^_^ but it almost seems like a scene from a scary movie, at this point...haha.

-ummm...i've always liked being in's so quiet and peaceful, and sometimes it's really pretty and neat....and at night, when it's kinda does almost seem romantic...and there have been movies or dramas where romantic moments happen in a library, right??

but looking for pics of the right spot....the place i'm imagining.....THAT TOOK THE LONGEST, OUT OF ALL MY PICS SEARCHING....whew!!

-somehow, cuz of wearing the THINK TWICE shirt, some really sweet moments came of it!!! ~_~ i totally didn't expect that.....sometimes, it's like that....the littlest things...later turn out to be quite important later, and i'm so glad it turned out so perfectly....him lightly tugging at the shirt and putting my scarf and hoodie back on....that was 1 of my fav fav moments of the story!!!!!♥ kyaa!!!]

-ah...THE RING.
since in my 1st fanfic, talked about you wearing a necklace with a ring on it (like toma's friendship necklace that for some reason, we never see him wear anymore...)...i thought maybe for some reason u lost it, and so toma remembered and bought a new ring to replace it....but then i thought of how i really liked the majosai ring...HOW SWEET WOULD IT BE IF HE GAVE U THAT RING...THE RING THAT HE'S WORN HIMSELF FOR SO LONG....ahhhh!!! and toma has said before...i think he said if it's his girlfriend's birthday, he'll ask a long time be4 that what she likes...and then give it to her on her bday!!! so sweet!!! but he's not good at thinking up romantic stuff to do with his girlfriend...that's what he said. (laughs) also, toma has mentioned sometimes, keeping things he wore when filming dramas...doesn't seem like they mind, if he likes it...they'll let him have it. i think he said he kept the belt that he used in maou. ^_^

-ah...THE HUG!!! in the dark, too...
1 day in december, we lost electricity in the house for, like...just a few was daytime, though...that freaked me out, cuz i was afraid we'd lose power at night, but luckily, that didn't happen at all......but made me think of this sweet sweet scene!!!! i know i wanted toma to confess in the library...but i wasn't sure how...then i thought up this hug in the dark!!!!'s more special that he hugs you in the dark, while you're scared....u're scared but suddenly, it turns romantic....~_~

and i knew i wanted him to say 'i like you' to yr face, so even though this woulda been the perfect moment....i had to wait till the lights came back on....and of course, he said it the exact same way as nakatsu said it to mizuki!! of all the different ways to say i like u/i love u, i still like that way best!!!! so i listened to that dialogue a lot, until i finally heard clearly, exactly what he said!!! haha.

and of course, you/i would totally faint after all this happened!!! haha....literally!!

-crying too much....haha....sorry i made us cry so much during these important moments...but i really feel that's how i'd react....the happiness of being his girlf would just be...overwhelming...and i would definitely's ok, though, cuz toma is also a crybaby, and he'll understand.... ^_^

-ah, the flower. seems kinda corny, but i think....if he's confessing...he would prepare to give me something...just 1 flower...but it's sweet!!! and i like doing something at the start of the story, then revealing the reason behind it later on. he was late, but cuz of buying this flower for you!!! awwww!!

-our first kiss!!!! well, just on the cheek, but still!!!! kawaii~ so sweet.... and the 1st time u notice he's blushing!!! kyaa!! adorable!!!

-lying down, next to toma... (it reminds me of that scene in twilight, actually. the meadow, though...) kyaaa!!!!!! i so so wanted to lay next to him somewhere, but i couldn't think of a place...and then i realized, i was lying down earlier, in the library!!! why not have us both lie down next to each other???? ah.... (i did think of possibly having another blackout while we're lying next to each other....hugging each other in the dark, lying there in his arms....but then...i think that's too much....don't wanna overdo

-though he likes me, i still wanna leave it open....the possibility of him liking yamashita as more than a friend....romantically, i mean... it's yamashita after all...i know he'll always love him most....and this is really how i feel... doesn't matter in what way he loves yamashita...i can accept long as he's happy...i'm happy...and yamashita makes him so happy!! ^_^

-doki deshimas. *_* this is what toma said, about going doki doki cuz that staff-san said "mmn?" to him. haha....ah....that lucky girl/woman!!

-ahhhh....think the times he must have also been going doki doki...or the times when u weren't even doki doki, but he was......kyaa!!!

-ah...his underwear showing a little... *blush* i'm sorry, i couldn't help it!!! i dunno why i thought of that...haha. i just did....oh, cuz of toru, when he was sleeping in bed, and u see his underwear slightly showing...!!

umm...oh no...suddenly i'm remembering all the sexy where we can see his chest in 2008....and got the urge to rewatch the Sexy Back toma MV!! so cute and sexy!!!!
[remember this one...almost shirtless...SO HOT!!! i'm not sure if he's undressing or putting on clothes in the top left pic, but KYAAAAA!!! SEXYYYYYY.♥ YET ALSO KAWAIIII!!!♥ ERO-Kawaiiiiiiiiiii.♥♥ and the bottom right!!!! ah...but notice he's wearing his yamashita friendship necklace... why, tomaaaaaaa!!?? xD and LOVE LOVE that sweet and cute pic, the bottom left. "ah~ done putting my clothes on. stop staring at me, u perverts!" of course, the top right pic is cute too!!]
[GAH!!! that pose!!!! his unbuttoned shirt!!! on a hotel room bed..... trying hard not to think dirty thoughts...and failing!!!]
[ahhhhh!!!! i actually thought this pic was taken from a while back, he looks so young, but it was also f/the start of 2008!! and...i wonder what the text says...what was this interview about...?? who cares...he's so hot!!! xD and the wet look, just out of the shower...looking so sexy and dangerous...all those "come here~", "i want you now" looks!!!! that one top right pic, THAT LOOK....that sexually aroused look.....!!!! *dies* this is almost feels like...pornographic?!! but i hope this is toma's limit. i would FREAK. OUT. if he ever did one of those super racy, almost all naked ANN photoshoots where it'll look like he's having sex with some white girl.... @____@]
[the most recent sexy photoshoot....march 2009. omg, these pics....!!! makes you want to finish unbuttoning his shirt and do things to him...bad, bad things. (I KNOW THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE THINKING!!!) xD lol. kidding!!! but...damn!!! he is soooooo hot. i'm getting a little hot right now, even...good my comments there in the post. *goes to take a cold shower* lol....
EDIT: u can see the FULL version of these pics at AF!! wow. *___*]

(these 2 tokyo guidebooks helped me out when writing this story!! especially later, when writing about where we went...roppongi hills, tokyo midtown, odaiba...)

(this is it!! all my notes and everything i wrote...the whole story is here...i ended up writing most of the ending in pencil so it'd be easier to edit it by hand...haha...but it hurt more than writing with pen. aiya...)

(i was writing 1 night, wrote so much, my hand hurt...actually, that happened quite a lot while i was writing this fanfic!! but i was really happy with what i wrote...oh, that was the day i wrote/edited the 2nd kiss & wrote about us going to various places that night and this was right after i reached the part that we just came to the xmas tree place. that's why i wrote "my hand hurts, but my heart is happy!" lol. baka. and the other pic, it's right after i finished writing the story. haha.)

(this is the crescent moon that i saw before the sun rose on jan.10. the crescent moon u see in the story should be thinner than this though...and the sunset that day was pretty too. ~_~)

-ahhhh. touching his cheek, ruffling his hair....this was actually at the ending of my story, in my 1st draft!! haha...but it's better to do it in the library, actually...(and remember when nakatsu ruffled mizuki's hair while they were playing basketball in the gym?? ^^)

-toma has a weakness for girl's knees, remember? lol....though you're not wearing a skirt, but i still wanted some kinda knee touch to happen. ~_~

-ikenai taiyou!!! lol. it was the song playing in the MV about nakatsu, when i really started my crush on toma, when i really became his fan....i always associate toma with this song....the lyrics....this intense attraction, but u know u shouldn't be thinking these things....and the intertwined red thread....i love this song and i love the lyrics!! i'm glad i could use some lyrics from it in this story!!! ^_^

-yume jana~ii. ~_~ a line f/nyc boys' song. heehee~

-HOW LONG HAS HE LIKED YOU?? ehh...i'm not sure....i guess it should be around april or may....maybe at this time, when so many important things are happening in life....he also fell in love with you at this time??? ^_^ i'd like to think so...meeting at the end of december....talking to each other all that time, for around 4 months by april's's possible!! *__*

-and at that moment, i matter what happens, i...i want to be that someone that you could depend on...i want to protect you, take care of you, be beside you...zutto~

ah...1 of my fav moments!!! i am getting a little teary-eyed, reading this part!!♥ kanzani...

-in order for there to be the nakatsu/mizuki-like kiss, i knew i had to lean on his shoulder and have my eyes closed..... no way i'd be sleeping at this important at first i thought i'd just write it like....i wanted to close my eyes for a bit to just enjoy this quiet moment, next to him.....but then later, i realized, if i was crying, then i'd close my eyes to rest it a!! perfect!!!! ^O^

-gushing about our toma. lol....a lot of these, i got from my toma-isms!! those of you who've been at my blog for a long while will remember reading some of these before.....

and wow, i came up with so many words to describe why i love him...haha...he really is ALL THOSE THINGS RIGHT?! who says we only like him cuz he looks cute?! (laughs)

and i even don't mind him when he's all those other things....even the smoking!! ah...i've come to accept all his flaws too......and that is...true love! =P

-i used that "mmn?" way too much. lol. gomen ne...but it came in handy, really!! haha.

-NOTICE THAT this is the 1st time that something happens while your eyes are closed...not from yr perspective....well, i know that doesn't make sense in a way, but I HAD TO WRITE IN WHAT TOMA WAS DOING RIGHT THEN....SO....i don't think any1 noticed though, so that's good. hahaha...

-ah...that intense kiss!!! you actually initiate it, too... i had fun writing this part. lol. and it got me kinda hot too. xD umm...but the thing is...i still don't want us to get too out of i tried to not to overdo it too much, u a public place and all...not like u're gonna just pounce on him and makeout with him right then!! (and that would scare him, really...)

seriously though...there must be security guards or security cameras there??? we can't just kiss like that??? lol. oh well....we did it!! i did it!!!!!!! ahhh.... and i had to justify it i thought of it as....all that time yearning for him....all that went into this kiss.....^_^ so don't expect to kiss him like that again anytime soon (unless he initiates it of course!!).

-the mori tower view and the asahi tv station's numbers fence!!! i've seen pics of them before, but didn't know where they's really cool that i know where they are now in tokyo....and i even "went there with toma". lol....i'd really like to go to these places when i'm in tokyo though!!!!

seriously....i often see some kinda time that has the numbers 1, 0, and 7 in used to be often, that i'd see 10:07am or pm...recently i've also seen 1:07pm/am!! sugoi...

-ah, toma saying "come here~" and gesturing in that cute way!!! i'm glad i was able to use a lot of toma pics and gifs this really helps u picture things better, right??? especially the kisses....KYAA!!!

-ah...his new cellphone wallpaper pic of us!! and i'm glad there's this part, cuz the pic of toma and that girl f/the lotte cm that i used at the top of this page...he was sending her his email in the CM, but anyway...

-i really did see a shooting star (and i haven't in a long long long while!!), just randomly, one night at the start of this month...i think it was jan.2....i was just out for a walk at night....literally just minutes after i went out, i saw it!!! so bright, so big, even though the moon was still kinda full then......SUGEH!!! i was jumping up and down, so hyper after that. ~_~ i thought it was a sign...i should put it into the story!! lol...though it wasn't a very important part in the story...but it was sweet too...toma's wish 4 me!! and also my wish came true!! toma and yamapi singing together at the countdown!!! haha!!

-ah....the ring!!! from the moment i thought of him giving me a ring, i knew there'd be a time in the story, later, that i'd put it on my ring finger. AND I AM WEARING A RING....AND I DO WEAR IT ON MY RING FINGER SOMETIMES. ^_^ IT DOES SHINE SO BEAUTIFULLY IN THE GLOW OF THE MOONLIGHT....I IMAGINE IT WOULD ALSO SHINE BEAUTIFULLY IN THE BLUE-ISH LIGHT OF THAT XMAS TREE....

but the best part is when HE PUTS THE RING ON MY RING FINGER FOR ME/YOU, RIGHT???? gah!!! ~_~ ♥♥♥

-lol. i was really yawning when i wrote that i yawned right then!! it was late, i was tired. i kept yawning. i couldn't help i wrote it into the story too. hahaha...

-the playful's like when toma and maki nudged each other at the end of the hana kimi special that aired be4 the last episode, remember?? haha. kawaii!!

-toma blowing in yr ear... kyaa!!!♥♥
but i almost left out this part....cuz toma blew in yamashita's ear when they were younger....that moment was so cute, yamashita's "ah~" reaction, sinking a little, and toma just felt like toma only blows in yamashita's that's their thing. haha...but then i'd really love it toma would do it for me, soo....I HAD TO WRITE IT IN!!! haha. (though i'm not sure how sexy it is when some1 blows in yr ear, but if toma did it...i'd surely melt!!!♥)

-ah...the request!!! i came up with this almost instantly, after i thought of the cool would it be to be with him that day...and watch his movie with him??!!

-ah!! the cute head rubbing...i guess i got that idea f/when toma was rubbing his head against yamashita's in that shounen club xmas show f/2005. lol. so cute though!!! kawaii....i wanna do that with toma-kun...

-i knew i wanted us to be together till the very end of the story...not seperated like in the first fanfic....and sleeping with him on the's so romantic....leaning on each other, sleeping together!!! ^__^

-ah...aishiteru!!! i actually learned this word from when i was still watching hana kimi in 2007....i looked up ways to say 'i love u' in japanese...this was the most serious way!! i already thought of loving toma in this way back then...but now i can finally say it, here....when can i say it to him, in person?? no, i don't think i'd be able to!!! ~_~

-i wrote (this is not really~) The End, cuz 2 have just started dating...the story can't end here!!! but i really didn't think of...i wasn't sure when i'd continue the story......but since some of u asked...and i really love daydreaming about toma and i so much......i'll see if i can come up with something by the time ningen is released.......ehh... (weakly) gambarimas~

i hope you enjoyed this "behind the scenes" look of my fanfic!!! ~_~

ja ne.


all related PICS or websites where i got pics/info to be used when writing this story!!!!!!!!!!!!

-------- meiji shrine
Tokyo (14 December 2007)
[SET of meiji shrinE]
[#### meiji shrine path ####]

Hachiko at Night
Hachiko statue at night [JUN]
[LIGHTS ON TREE, h's hat]

[TIME LAPSE, Went up to Shibuya for drinks with Taka. This is from the famous Hachiko exit from the JR station. ]
Hachiko Crossing at night
[Hachiko Crossing 2]

JR Shibuya Station: New South Exit


Shibuya.St in the Hachiko Entrance at the Saturday Noon_061209_004
Shibuya station Hachikō exit
JR Shibuya station Hachiko exit

shibuya from the sky
entrance to shibuya metro station. screens everywhere. pretty drunk by this time. the train ride home seemed to take forever. mia bought me a burger from mcdonalds near our ryokan. i think i wandered off while she was inside.

--------------Shibuya PARCO

-------------Den Rokuen-Tei
[5 min walk f/shibuya!!]
[daytime terrace]

---------------------------- shibuya station and pics inside the trains

Tokyo Metro
inside the silent Tokyo Metro trains
[vending machine]
Tokyo metro Shibuya Sta. PM06:00 [iphones like]
taken on a holiday in Tokyo - it seems that many people were beat after a spending the day out...
Tokyo metro exit Ginza
ginza, tokyo, 2008
mural in an empty ginza station
[empty blue seats]
[empty, some ppl, red seats]

-------------------------------how much time f/shibuya station to hiroo station: 13

minutes total

Route3 Departing Shibuya - Arriving Hiroo Print
No. of transfers 1Time(s) Travel time 13m Fare 260Yen

Tokyu-Toyoko line


TokyoMetro-Hibiya line
5m 260Yen

------------------------------------- about Tokyo_Metropolitan_Library

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- roppongi hills & tokyo midtown:
(LAST ENTRY 24:00)
ADMISSION FEE : : ¥1,500



Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills.Roppongi Hills is the Roppongi area's defining "miracle," that was a full 17 years in the making. In the midst of what was a depressed real estate market - in which land prices were continuing their downward spiral some 15 years after the bursting of the bubble economy - Japan's leading developer Minoru Mori opened up his Roppongi Hills complex in the summer of 2003.

The 11.6 hectare mega-plex of luxury is made up of boutiques, a Virgin Cinema complex, restaurants, apartments, the Mori Art Museum, a hotel, a major TV studio, an outdoor amphitheater, parks, and more. The centerpiece of this is a 54-story office tower designed by the New York firm Kohn Fox Pedersen. Like Mori's previous projects - LaForet Harajuku (1978) and Ark Hills (1986) - this is one very big and sophisticated statement.

Roppongi Hills is sprawling and somewhat unpredictable in its design, encouraging wandering and exploration: a huge retail pot of gold that has succeeded in helping bring the middle class back into central Tokyo to live and play.

Access from:
Roppongi Station on the Hibiya Subway Line, Exit 1C (3 mins)
Roppongi Station on the Oedo Subway Line, Exit 3 (6 mins)
Azabu Juban Station on the on the Oedo Subway Line, Exit 7 (8 mins)
Azabu Juban Station on the Namboku Subway Line, Exit 4 (11 mins)
Nogizaka Station on the Chiyoda Subway Line, Exit 5 (10 mins)


Tokyo Midtown

Tokyo Midtown.Tokyo Midtown is the 2007 challenge to Roppongi Hills' dominance of the Roppongi area. On Gaien-higashi-dori Boulevard, Tokyo Midtown is a six-building complex on ten hectares of land, dominated by the massive Tokyo Midtown Tower. At 248m (814 feet) the complex's Midtown Tower is 10 meters higher than Roppongi Hills making it now Tokyo's tallest building, and the fourth tallest in Japan.

Cutting edge architecture (the foremost of its three architects being Tadao Ando), exquisite art-strewn interior design and the Galleria retail space with its four huge floors of fashion and dining luxury make Tokyo Midtown an irresistible leisure magnet.

Tokyo Midtown incorporates Tokyo's first Ritz-Carlton Tokyo hotel, a post office, the Suntory Art Museum, a 'Design Hub', conference hall, medical center (affiliated with the John Hopkins Hospital), and the Billboard Live Tokyo concert space featuring R&B, jazz, fusion, bossa nova, salsa and the like.

Tokyo Midtown is a short walk south and slightly east to Roppongi Hills – less than a kilometer away, and the National Art Center Tokyo is even closer, directly east of it.

Access from:
Roppongi Station on the Toei-Oedo Line (directly connected to exit 8)
Roppongi Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, linked directly to Tokyo Midtown through an underground passageway
Nogizaka Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line (three-minute walk from exit 3 of the station)
Roppongi Itchome Station on the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line (ten-minute walk from exit 1 of the station)

Read more:

* TV Asahi Headquarters
One of the biggest TV networks in Japan, TV Asahi has it's headquarters located in Roppongi Hills. The six-floor open atrium is open to the public and has stores selling TV Asahi shows merchandise like the one I found with loads of cute and huggable Doraemon stuff. No admission but I only stayed on the first floor because I didn't know how to get to the other floors and there was a police who I think was eyeing on me (or just security, who knows!).]

------------------------fuji tv in odaiba:

[File:Fuji TV headquarters and Aqua City Odaiba - 2006-05-03 edit2.jpg]
Odaiba - Fuji TV building
[Fujitelevision02f] [night!!]

That being said, the Fuji TV Building was really cool. It really is two buildings, an Administrative building and Production building, joined by a framework. The framework is what you would have it you took everything out of a building except the hallways, and then added a huge sphere observation deck. There is a self-guided tour through the production building. It’s probably only interesting to people who have watched a lot of japanese TV in their lifetime. When I think about the anime One Piece I think of the word ubiquitous, now of course the TV studio producing it would have a display, but publicity and merchandising for this show were everywhere. Anyway, moving on. There was a display for an old sketch comedy show that had a conehead-like character. It is, well, just look at the photo below.


The Fuji TV headquarters is extremely popular as a sightseeing spot ever since it opened in Odaiba, a new Tokyo waterfront subcenter.

From the Spherical Observatory (25th floor) which can be called the symbol of Odaiba, you can see the Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, the cluster of high-rise buildings in Shinjuku, and even the city of Yokohama. On a nice day, Mt. Fuji standing in the distance can also be seen. At nighttime, you can sweep your eyes over the fantastic night view that spreads from the Tokyo Bay to the urban center.

Additionally, commemorative pictures can also be taken in the sets of popular TV shows at the Studio Promenade and you can enjoy taking a look at the many exhibits such as panel photos and stage props of respective TV programs as well. Watching a program being taped live on the set is also possible, which is an attractive feature unique to a television station.


The Fuji Television Building (Nearest monorail station: Odaiba-kaihinkoen)

Lit by lasers at night, the head office of Fuji Television is the landmark of Odaiba. The building was designed by Japanese Architect, Kenzo Tange. It's fully earthquake proof and took three years to build.

Fuji Television Odaiba Tokyo

The ball on top of the building weighs a colossal one thousand two hundred tons! With a diameter of thirty two meters it was first constructed on the roof of the smaller building, then on April 17th 1995, using a special technique it was raised into position.

Inside there are ten studios. Tickets for a studio tour are available from the booth at the top of the escalator. The same ticket also gains you access to the inside of the ball. (Adults 500 yen, children 300 yen 10:00 am to 8:00pm daily).


Decks and Aqua City, both shopping malls, are close to Fuji Television. From the promenade that runs along the front, there's a fantastic view of Tokyo's skyline

----------------------------[more info about aishiteru and different ways to say "i love you" in japanese...]

"aishiteru ('I love you' in the most devoting way)", the most serious way to say i
love you in japanese.
"ai shiteru" is like SERIOUS I love you, like most Japanese people would never even say it, but if you did say it, it would probably be to a very serious bf/gf or husband/wife. Other more casual ones that you could say to friends or family are "suki da yo"(I like you!) or "dai suki da yo!"(I like you a lot/love you!)



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